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« Big Brother (HD, New, TV-14) The newly selected Head of Household takes residence in their special Head of Household room and nominates two other Houseguests for eviction.
CBS 11 News at 10pm (HD, New) The CBS 11 Nightly News Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, DFW-area weather conditions and forecasts.
Joel Osteen (TV-G) Pastor Joel Osteen shepherds the largest and fastest growing congregation in America, following in step with his father's lead when he founded Lakewood Church.
Dr. David Jeremiah (TV-G) In San Diego's Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah presents an easy, understandable, and realistic teaching of the power of the Word of God.
Madam Secretary Night Watch (HD, TV-14) Elizabeth and cabinet members prepare for the possible aftermath of President Dalton's decision to retaliate against a missile attack with nuclear weapons.

« In Plain Sight A Womb With a View (HD, TV-14) Mary is tasked with the protection of a courtesan from her unborn child's father, a ruthless gangster who is intent on finding her.
The Good Wife A Precious Commodity (HD, TV-14) A surprising offer by Will causes Alicia to reconsider her plans to leave the firm; the partners take action after Diane is put at odds with her colleagues.
Strong Medicine Positive Results (TV-14) Ben's HIV test comes back with a positive result; Kayla Thorton, a new intern, is pushed into the hustle and bustle of the ER.
Profiler Victims of Victims (TV-14) Sam and the team have to delve into the files of a murder that occurred more than 40 years ago when a similar modern day murder occurs.

Sell This House! Los Angeles, California: Arnauld and Marie-Laure Filancia (HD, TV-PG) In order to sell their home, a couple asks Roger and Tanya to help them remove clutter, paint, install a mantel and rearrange some furniture.
Find & Design Andy and Sonja (TV-G) Two overworked parents get help from host Jennifer Farrell to redecorate their multi-purpose family room with flea market and garage sale bargains.
Find & Design Jeremy and Collin (TV-G) Roommates get a modern room perfect for work and relaxation, with Jennifer's help and flea market and garage sale finds.
Emeril Live Pot Luck Supper (TV-G) Smoked salmon roulade; fresh pear and maytag farms blue cheese salad with a toasted walnut vinaigrette; lamb; mango shortcake with a fresh coconut ice cream.
Yum! Egg Garrett Shack, executive chef of the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites in Victoria, British Columbia, presents various food ideas with the help of local chefs.

The King of Queens Female Problems (HD, TV-PG) Carrie becomes inseparable from a friendly female neighbor, and a jealous Doug wishes that his wife would spend more time with him.
2 Broke Girls (HD, TV-14) Two polar opposite young women working as waitresses in a greasy spoon diner become friends as they try to raise money to start their own cupcake business.
2 Broke Girls (HD, TV-14) Two polar opposite young women working as waitresses in a greasy spoon diner become friends as they try to raise money to start their own cupcake business.
Mike & Molly Opening Day (HD, TV-14) Mike and Carl's annual tradition of making the pilgrimage to the Chicago Cubs' opening day is interrupted when he invites Molly to come along to the game.
Mike & Molly Samuel Gets Fired (HD, TV-14) After Samuel gets fired from his job and loses his apartment in the aftermath, Mike extends an olive branch by offering to let him stay his place.
Made in Hollywood Hollywood At Home: The Secret: Dare to Dream, Yes, God, Yes, The Fight, Words (HD, New, TV-PG) Stars and filmmakers offer sneak previews, behind-the-scenes glimpses and inside looks at the prestigious awards shows and premieres of upcoming feature films.

The Honeymooners A Man's Pride (TV-G) Trying to make himself look better in front of Alice's ex-boyfriend, Ralph claims that he is in charge at of the Gotham Bus Company, and then must prove it.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Your Home Sweet Home is My Home Sweet Home (TV-G) Rob and Laura believe that they have found the perfect home, but they come across one small problem.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Not Now, Anthony Stone (TV-G) Sally falls head over heels in love with a handsome man she met while on vacation, but Rob and Buddy uncover a shocking secret about him.
The Twilight Zone I Dream of Genie (TV-PG) A timid bookkeeper laments over his bad luck, but when he comes into possession of a brass lamp, a genie emerges and offers to grant him only one wish.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Bed of Roses (TV-PG) A man is shocked to discover that his wife has a taste for murder after he learns that his mistress is no longer living, leading down a path of blackmail.

« Four Weddings and a Funeral (TV-14, R, ***) A charming Englishman who can't sustain a relationship meets the woman of his dreams at a series of weddings, but she is engaged to someone else.
The Birdcage (TV-14, R, ***) A high-strung, drag-queen performer's partner and boss asks him to tone down his demeanor, when his son brings his prospective in-laws to dinner.

The Dailey & Vincent Show Will The Circle Be Unbroken (TV-G) Country music duo Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent feature a variety of musical and entertainment guests, with musical performances and interviews with guests.
Alabama Dirt
Circle Sessions Chrissy Metz (Repeat, TV-G) Some of the biggest stars in country music provide viewers with an inside look into their day-to-day lives as they quarantine amid the COVID-19 epidemic.
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