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In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley (New, TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.
CBS 11 News Sunday (HD, New) The news of the weekend, topics of special interest in the DFW Metroplex, weather forecasts and sports scores are presented by the CBS 11 Weekend News Team.
CBS News Sunday Morning (HD, New, TV-G) Correspondent David Pogue examines how the phrase "public shaming" has evolved due to the internet; correspondent Michelle Miller meets actor Robert Pattinson.

Ironside Unreasonable Facsimile (TV-PG) A series of bank robberies appear to be the work of a recently released ex-convict, but Ironside believes that the crimes may simply be copycats.
Ironside And Then There Was One (TV-PG) One of Mark's old friends is targeted in a grenade attack which is aimed a certain unit of Vietnam veterans, so Ironside sets up an trap to catch the killer.
Ironside Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder (TV-PG) When a girl begins to dabble in witchcraft and becomes convinced that she's responsible for a man's death, Ironside investigates to prove she wasn't involved.

Ask The Undertaker Larger questions of life and death are answered, as are those pertaining to the finer points of financing and planning for a funeral service.
Let the Bible Speak (TV-G) With the number of religions in the world continuing to grow, Brett Hickey offers a call for togetherness in the name of Christianity and the New Testament.
Hatched (HD, TV-G) Young American entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and distinct inventions to a panel of successful executives who help them get their ideas off the ground.
Expedition Wild Bear Country (HD, TV-G) Casey talks about bears, the dangers of living around them and safety protocols and procedures to follow to keep safe if visiting bear country.
Recipe Rehab Baked French Toast (HD, TV-G) Chef Laura and Chef Calvin go head-to-head to save the Allen family's favorite breakfast dish, French Toast, and see who can make the healthiest version.
In Search Ministries (TV-G) The ministry's mission is to help allow women to live free from the oppression of guilt, shame and the deceptions that the enemy has chained to their spirits.

Mystery Hunters Doubting Dave's Christmas Special (TV-G) Doubting Dave looks for Santa Claus; Christina investigates flying reindeer; Araya searches for the magnetic North Pole and Santa's workshop.
Mystery Hunters Detective Mysteries (TV-G) Christina uses detective skills at a UFO sighting; Araya uses some crime solving techniques to try and solve a 2-million-year-old crime in South Africa.
Beakman's World Gravity, Beakmania & Inertia (TV-G) Beakman explores the laws of gravity and how they keep people on the Earth, Galileo shows gravity's effects and Sir Isaac Newton tells how seat belts work.
Beakman's World Noises at Night, Beakmania & The Nose (TV-G) Beakman explains the noises that creak in the night and takes a trip through the nasal passages.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Motion (TV-G) Comic and scientist Bill Nye presents an informative lesson in a range of subjects that include ecology, biology, chemistry and physics.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Earths Crust (TV-G) Bill Nye brings together a collection of educational segments that touch upon the outermost layer of the Earth and its relationship with the others.
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